A Re-Introduction

So, you may have noticed that this blog has been inactive for almost two months now, with the one exception of an extremely silly post to commemorate Ed Balls Day (a post which I hope we can all accept must never be discussed again). The reason for this is simple – I was struggling and sweating over my Finals exams, which finally finished just over a week ago. Since then, I’ve slept lots, and drunk lots of alcohol, and I now find myself a close approximation of a normal human being again, able to do all the things which other human beings have to do. Like search for jobs!

Now that I have free time, I’ll (hopefully) be able to pay more attention to this blog. I have a book review I’ll be posting later today, and expect to see lots more non-Ed Balls content over the next few weeks! Let us never mention Ed Balls again. Actually, let’s make this the first Official Rule of this blog. No Ed Ballses. We are Ed Ballsed out.

I hope to see you again soon!



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